1. Follow directions the first time they are given.
  2. Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself at all times.
  3. Always wait for permission before speaking and leaving your seat.
  4. Always leave electronic equipment, food, gum, and candy at home.
  5. Show respect to others at all times.

    It is important that students be regular and punctual in attendance.  Children who are not in school miss out on important instructional lessons.  Our school will provide students with a quality education but students have to be in school in order to receive that education.


    Please notify the school in the morning, if your children will not be in school.  When it is necessary for your child to be excused from school for medical or dental appointments, funerals or a family emergency, please send a note to the teacher.    Homework can be picked up in the office at the end of the school day or sent home with another child, if requested.


    For the safety of our children, we ask that you come to the office to meet your child for an early dismissal.  A parent is requested to sign the early dismissal form.  No one will be permitted to leave the building without his/her parent or some other authorized adult.  In the latter case, please call the office to inform us who is picking up your child.



    Students entering or leaving school property must be completely off their bicycle and walk it to the bike racks where all bicycles must be parked.  All bicycles should be secured with locks.  The school is not responsible for damage to or theft of bicycles.


    If a parent needs their child to have a cell phone, they must obtain written approval from the principal and the student must check their phone in at the office or with their teacher before school starts.  We will follow the Student Code of Conduct


    If a student is caught with a phone; it will be confiscated, placed in the main office until  a parent or guardian picks it up.



    No electronic devices will be allowed in school.  The school is not responsible for lost or stolen items.


    Ordinarily, school personnel will not dispense medication to students.  The administration of medication is discouraged during school hours unless it is absolutely necessary.  If a physician requires a child to take medication during school hours, the parent must submit the proper documentation to the school nurse and must make arrangements with the principal.


    All parents, volunteers, and visitors should use the main entrance, stop at the security desk and sign in and then report to the office to secure a visitor’s pass.  When leaving the building, the visitor must sign out and return the pass.  For our children’s safety, it is important to know who is in the building at all times.  School doors remain locked during school hours and a security system will admit visitors only through the main front doors.  Students are not allowed to open the door for visitors.


    Part of a student’s growth process is learning to dress appropriately; therefore, cleanliness and proper grooming are expected of each student.  The complete uniform is to be worn to school by all students in Grades 1-8.  It is recommended that Kindergarten students also wear the school uniform.  Students not in uniform will be issued a uniform referral slip.


    The school uniform consists of a white or powder blue shirt or blouse, navy blue or black trousers, slacks, or skirts (no jeans) and appropriate foot wear.  Students will only be allowed to wear shorts and tee shirts on gym day.  Students may not wear hooded sweatshirts, hats, headgear or clothing emblazoned with insignia of any kind other then the school’s name.  Boys may not wear earrings and girls may not wear make-up.


    Throughout the school year, students have opportunities to come to school in non-uniform clothing.  On these days if a student chooses not to participate, he/she will be required to wear the school uniform.  Tank tops, midriff tops, inappropriate tee shirts and mini skirts are not permitted.


    • Shirts – Plain Light Blue or White blouse of uniform polo shirt (NO LOGOS).  Shirts must be long enough to be tucked in.
    • Slacks – Dark Blue of Black uniform pants (No skirts or skorts)
    • Sweaters – Plain (i.e. no logos such as North Face or hoods) Navy Blue or White or all Durkin Park School issued gear.
    • Gym Days Only – Durkin Park T-Shirt (or other school program related t-shirt) and Shorts or Sweatpants or Flannel Pajama Pants (or other school issued gear) OR Plain White T-Shirt and Plain Navy Blue or Black shorts or jogging pants (No stripes or logos)
    • All clothing must fit APPROPRIATELY – No mid-riff, tight, low-cut, see-through or oversized clothing.
    • Jewelry – Small Stud earrings (Ladies only)


    Not Permitted (A Detention Referral WILL BE ISSUED)

    • Fitted jeans or ‘jean-like’ materials
    • Skinny-type pants
    • Shirts not tucked in, with ruffles or decorative buttons, see-through or showing cleavage
    • Low rise pants, skirts or skorts
    • Chains, string, jewelry, decorative belts around the waist
    • Excessive Make-up/Visible tattoos
    • Rubber bands or other accessories at wrists or ankles/Rubber wristbands with logos
    • Large hoops or oversized earrings
    • Designs in hair (including eccentric haircuts and/or bright colors)
    • Bandages used to conceal piercing.  Facial piercing and male earrings must be removed prior to entering the building.
    • Facial piercing on any part of the body (including but limited to nose, eyebrows, tongue)
    • Hats worn in the building (boys and girls)